K & W Electric Inc.

Industrial Control Systems and Service


*†† History

*†† Objectives

*†† Installation

*†† Controls

*†† Drafting

*†† Programming

*†† Project History


K & W Electric has been an active contractor in the industrial field since

1983. During this time our customers have experienced many successful jobs. We

understand our customerís needs, we accept customer schedules, and typically

complete our installations well in advance. We comply with customer production

rates, scheduled downtime, and provide a complete electrical installation that

will service our customerís expectations for years to come.


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K & W Electric is an International Industrial Controls Design and Installation

Firm. We have fashioned our electrical control systems and installations to be as maintenance free as possible, by adopting our own electrical installation standards

that we feel exceeds NFPA 79 Standards for Industrial Machinery. All of our installations

will meet or exceed NFPA 70 National Electric Code and all individual components

either control panel mounted or field installed are U/L Listed or U/R for the application.

Safety certification and/or field labeling is accomplished by a U/L recognized laboratory. Under many circumstances customerís may require certain criteria or

procedures to be followed and we are always willing to comply with their interests.


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*†† All hardwire capabilities. Conduit, wire, trough, data.

*†† Control Panels / Motor Control Centers

*†† Control Devices: Photocells, emergency stops, proximity sensors, ect.

*†† Switch Gear and Electrical Distribution


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*†† Application specific design of automated electrical systems

*†† Control Panel design and construction at our facility

*†† Provide Devices: Photocells, emergency stops, proximity sensors, ect.

*†† Debugging and startup


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*†† AutoCAD 2002 format

*†† Complete enclosure layouts with bill of materials

*†† Full schematics for all enclosure devices

*†† Field drawings with wire numbers and spreadsheet for conduit runs

*†† 3D conduit and/or machinery layout (optional)

*†† Wire labels for all conduit pulls (Brady)


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*†† Allen Bradley: PLC5, SLC, Micro all on RS Logix Platform

*†† Modicon: Quantum all on Concept Platform

*†† Total Control Screen GUI

*†† Magelis Screen GUI

*†† Spectra Precision Laser positioning (ICS5000)

*†† Intouch MMI Interface

*†† Accusort bar code scanning interface w/PLC

*†† Siemens 505 and 305 Series

*†† SCR related Heat treatment control


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Project History

*†† Beverage Industry (International)

*†† Conveyor (National)

*†† Railway / Tcar Control (National)


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